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Lincoln’s Counsel by Arthur Rizer

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Arthur Rizer Lincoln's Counsel

Lincoln’s Counsel by Arthur Rizer

Good book. Fun read with a purpose.

By James on January 12, 2014

Whenever you read or hear Lincoln’s words, you know they’re good. You may not be sure why, but you feel them and they move you. Mr. Rizer’s book articulates why and how Lincoln’s words have their effect. Not only does his analysis articulate the reasons Lincoln’s words evoke the feelings we get when we hear about “that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion,” but he also draws lessons from Lincoln’s life and written and spoken words to make us all better speakers, better persuaders, and better citizens. I recommend Lincoln’s Counsel to anyone who thinks they know how good Lincoln really was.
I picked up this because I am a Lincoln fan. It turned out to be quite a fun read. Lincoln’s counsel is a different take on his speeches and how to apply them to your own career/life. 🙂

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My reasons for selecting Lincoln’s Counsel were two-fold…I love Lincoln and the selection was recommended by a dear friend. Needless to say Mr. Rizer’s book, did not disappoint. I often times felt transported through history as his word allowed me to experience the brilliance of Abraham Lincoln.