Arthur Rizer had a great deal of help and support in producing the finished product. There are many people to acknowledge and thank.

Arthur Rizer Lincoln's Counsel

Lincoln’s Counsel by Arthur Rizer

A majority of this book was drafted while I was deployed to Iraq as a Captain in the United States Army. Despite the horrors of war, I was always encouraged by the outstanding quality of our men and women in uniform – they truly are our country’s greatest treasure. This book is dedicated to our soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen, and a portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to “Our Military Kids,” a charity that sponsors military children while a parent is deployed.

I would like to thank my agent, E.J. McCarthy, and my editor, Erin Nevius, from ABA Book Publishing for their help in getting this book published, I would also like to thank my friend, Pastor Tim Fisher, and his daughter Laura, and most importantly my father and m y mentor, Arthur L. Rizer, Jr. The input and help from Monique Rizer was invaluable.