Lincoln’s Counsel

Lincoln’s Counsel: Lessons from America’s Most Persuasive Speaker by Arthur Rizer

Arthur Rizer Lincolns Counsel

Lincoln’s Counsel by Arthur Rizer

Arthur Rizer brings to light many of the reasons why Abraham Lincoln was so powerful and memorable and why he is still considered one of our greatest Presidents. Through examples from Lincoln’s great speeches and closing arguments―Lincoln’s Inaugural Speeches, the Gettysburg Address, the Emancipation Proclamation and more―this book instructs you in the art of persuasion in two simple ways: by providing lessons from Lincoln’s career as a lawyer and politician, and by analyzing those lessons and discussing how to apply them to your own life. Arthur Rizer gives voice to Lincoln’s Counsel, which is important advice about advocacy straight from the very best.

Arthur “Rizer’s book is, as one of my old professors once said, “something I’d never expect to see–something new about the Civil War.” As an attorney, he examines Lincoln’s background in the law as not the preordained stepping stone to greatness, but as a learning experience that shaped the Great Emancipator from a new frontier lawyer to the greatest political leader of his time. What truly sets (Arthur) Rizer’s work apart, however, is how the author turns what would have been just another Lincoln biographical sketch into a tome filled with examples–not just quotations–for professional and ethical behavior in not only the law, but in all areas of civic discourse. It will have a treasured place on my bookshelf.”

-Dr. Robert R. Mackey, PhD, author of The Uncivil War: Irregular Warfare in the Upper South 1861-1865.